I’ve been working my day job from home since Tuesday, 2020 March 17. Projects I am focused on are:

  • Engaged in several projects for a client whose service change takes place in next month.
  • Reviewing and improving our production processes and systems. Developing tools like InDesign scripts, GTFS data processors, and web applications. The engineer in me is really enjoying it.

For work-life balance and to maintain quality on existing commitments, I am not taking on any freelance projects at this time.


Goal: Become Antifragile.

Continuing to stay active, sleep well, eat right, and be mindful.


Growing my hair out since I only get my hair cut when I go home to Bothell and the last time was last Thanksgiving. I hope my hair stylist is doing alright.

I built a small form factor PC to replace my 7-year old iMac as my daily driver but I need a second monitor first.

Borrowed a friend’s bike to use around town and break my hesitance to invest in one.

Taking a greater interest in the pro-democracy movement in Thailand.