Seattle for September. Santa Barbara for October.

Recent/upcoming trips:

  • Spokane in July for the grand opening of City Line BRT
  • Spent August in Thailand to get married and honeymoon
  • NerdTrain 2023 is VIA Rail’s Ocean train from Halifax to Montreal in October

Step Streak

Maintaining a streak of 10,000 daily steps since December 29, 2020. I reached 365 days with a total 4,689,911 steps taken for an average of 12,849 steps per day. The most active day was 2021-06-20 with 60,896 steps. I reached 500 days on May 12, 2022 with 6.299 million steps. I reached 730 days or 2 years on December 27, 2022 with 9.215 million steps.

Working on

  • visa paperwork to bring my wife to live in the United States


  • All the time spent with my girlfriend, now wife
  • Bicycling
  • Reading about Thai culture

Thinking about

  • renovating my home to be sustainable and comfortable
  • a future with my new wife