I’ve been working my day job from home since Tuesday, 2020 March 17. Since November 7, 2020, I am residing at my parents’ home in Bothell and working from there through at least late April 2021 when California’s surge settles down and vaccines are more available.

It is a busy work period to implement various clients’ Spring service changes.

For work-life balance and to maintain quality on existing commitments, I am not taking on any freelance projects at this time.

Continuing to stay active, sleep well, eat right, and be mindful. Enjoying the walks in the local woods. Fixed up a bike in the garage and taking on the regional trails.

My hair is the longest it has ever been and I am keeping it until I get a vaccine for Covid. The last time it was cut was 2019 Thanksgiving.

Spending time with family during the holidays and after. I took my annual train ride two weeks early to quarantine and be out by Thanksgiving. My return to California will also be in a private room on the train.