Revisiting my past websites

# updated

I know I originally started this site to be a clean slate but I just had the temptation to resurrect some content from my past websites.

My earliest web page dates back to 1996 when I was in the 3rd grade. It was originally hosted by our ISP, Asia Access. Ahh… ISP hosting, with the ~ before the user name. Remember that? It then shifted to various free hosting sites until I settled on Geocities in 2000.

Starting in the 6th grade I transformed it into a class website. My class website phase peaked in the 9th grade, with weekly site updates and daily activity on the webboard. With my junior high classmates dispersed across various classes, I shifted to focus on running the unofficial forums for my high school and the student council website.

My departure from Bangkok in the middle of high school sent me back to a personal website, now a blog, where I wrote many words during my period of upheaval and angst. That waned after I joined the Seattle Transit Blog in late 2008 and Twitter in May 2009. With much of my activity shifted to other platforms, my personal site fell into neglect.

After 2010, it became a single page pointing to my various platforms and social media silos. After finishing grad school and moving to my current job in 2012, I deleted that home page. It would not be until 2019 that I would create this site for myself again.

So the history of my websites is really intertwined with my growth as a person and of those around me. I’d love to repost and reflect on some of that. Not everything is worth bringing back though.