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I grew up riding buses in Seattle and Bangkok from a young age. One of my childhood hobbies was collecting Metro bus timetables. My lifelong fascination with transportation and its impact on society led to my university studies in transport engineering and planning. Although I posess a driver’s license, I do not own a car. Ever since moving to California in 2012, I regularly ride MTD buses to get around town and Amtrak to get around the state. I currently serve on the Santa Barbara County Transit Advisory Committee.


Organisation vor Elektronik vor Beton that is Organization before Electronics before Concrete. Transit agencies can improve service quickly and cheaply through operational changes such as all-door boarding, bus stop rebalancing, coordinated and integrated scheduling, and route network optimization. Faster and more reliable service can be achieved sooner by cooperating with local jurisdictions to prioritize transit on streets, making the most out of an existing public asset. It is worth the political effort to make institutional changes as it lays a solid foundation for substantial investments that further optimize the system and enhance the rider experience.

Imitate global best practices.

Public transit service should be available within walking distance to 80% or more of the population and jobs in urban areas. Rural settlements and attractions like national parks should have public transit access.