Seattle Subway Mapping

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Since 2011, I have volunteered my time and talent in creating maps and information graphics in support of Seattle Subway’s mission to organize “a community of grassroots transit supporters to channel public enthusiasm for fast, reliable high capacity transit into actionable goals”.

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  • 2011 October - the Seattle Subway Project, then in stealth mode, approached me to design two maps: a starter line map and a comprehensive vision map.
  • 2011 November 23 - Seattle Subway introduces itself to the public on Seattle Transit Blog with the vision map showing a city connected by rapid transit. The term “subway” in the name was chosen to convey the image of grade-separated, fast, frequent, and reliable transit.
  • 2014 - 2nd Version: Seattle Subway volunteers expand Vision map to cover entire Seattle region. The Vision map is a central piece in Seattle Subway’s communication strategy, featuring prominently alongside volunteers doing outreach at community events.
  • 2014 July - Sound Transit is developing plans for its ST3 expansion. I begin to create corridor maps for Seattle Subway’s advocacy of their preferred projects, route, and station alternatives.
  • 2015 March - I created a Graphic Standards document to maintain graphical consistency among volunteers creating graphics for the organization.
  • 2016 November - Central Puget Sound region voters approve Sound Transit 3 mass transit expansion plan and funding.
  • 2017 - 3rd Version (current): Seattle Subway volunteers streamline vision map with a more diagrammatic look and bolder lines.
  • 2018 - I rebuilt and improved the graphical consistency of the Vision map. I continue to create corridor and project maps to illustrate Seattle Subway’s preferred alternatives for ST3 projects in development.
  • 2019-2020 - I update the Vision map for Seattle Subway’s #ST4Seattle campaign for the next phase of transit expansion.