hello world!

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My name is Oran

Seattle and Bangkok are my hometowns. Nowadays I am living car free in downtown Santa Barbara, California. My day job is information design for public transportation operators across the United States with CHK America.

Since I am really interested in cities and transportation and you are reading this you probably have seen either my photography, my Seattle transit maps, my contributions to Seattle Transit Blog, or most likely my tweets.

and this is my website.

I decided it was time for me to once again have a personal website, a platform that is truly mine for whatever I want to share with the world. I have not counted how many I had since my first site in 1996.

There was much musing on the name. One day I had an epiphany, and sanjorn (สัญจร) popped into mind, It is a Thai word meaning “to travel, to roam”. It was reasonably short and perfectly reflected my interests!

The site is bilingual with content in English and Thai. Not all content is available in both languages.

Check out my Now page to see what I am up to at the moment. Thanks for reading.