Pat Kraphrao (basil stir fry) is one of my go-to dishes to cook at home. Recent changes to the recipe is adding a bell pepper for color and reducing the amount of soy sauce. I now cook half a batch (of 4-5 servings) at a time to keep the wok manageable.

    Khao Pat Krapharo with fried egg

    I only went to hangout at my chill neighborhood bar once on the June 12 reopening. They were doing bottles before. The owner said during the few weeks as a full bar it was pretty quiet. Guess their clientele are responsible people. Now they do take-out drinks poured from the tap.

    Mason jar filled with Anderson Valley Boont Amber Ale from Elsie's Tavern

    judicious – an adjective that my first year engineering professor used so frequently which should describe any good engineer

    Writing about my work from home experience 17 weeks in and having a hard time separating the other aspects of ‘quarantine life’. I guess that says something about work-life balance or just that my writing is rusty and I need to brain dump and edit.

    I learned how to use Macromedia Freehand MX and Adobe Illustrator 10 in high school. Around the same time, professionals were using those applications to create transit maps. I used an emulator and some old files from work to create this screenshot approximating what it might look like back in 2003.

    screenshot of circa 2003 LA Metro transit maps being edited in Freehand and Illustrator on Mac OS 9

    Had to return a few items at Amazon so I looped in a long walk in the time between buses.

    Wide Beach with light fog and vegetation

    Barrier is a nifty tool that extends your mouse and keyboard to other computers, like a seamless virtual KVM switch. Now I can control my MacBook like a second monitor from my iMac.

    Thinking about my home office set up… Getting a second monitor and an arm for my iMac.

    The new “Tomoe River paper” background color I sampled reminds me of the Solarized palette. So I borrowed some colors from it for the dark theme I added to the site.

    Cleaning up my web host and trying out a few things with it like git remote repositories and hooks.

    This is a note, a fragment of a spontaneous thought written down. Not necessarily limited to 280 characters but more freeform. And it’s editable to boot.